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  • 25 Fotos en las que el verdadero protagonista está en el fondo

    “Mi hermana simplemente tomó una foto de mi sobrino en la escuela y luego notamos lo que su compañero estaba haciendo” Cuando a un abuelo le gusta más tomarse fotos que cuidar a su nieto Parece que hay que mantenerse alejado de las mariposas Muy pronto el chico sonriente podrá participar en el concurso de […]

  • 29 Personas que hicieron su trabajo al 100% pero no tomaron en cuenta un detalle

    Para las personas muy perezosas “Mi amigo acaba de comprar una casa. Sus dueños anteriores seguramente eran unos genios”. Una lámpara muy extraña “Lo bueno es que al menos veo mi cara en el espejo” Se equivocaron un poco “La bañera en mi hotel está por debajo del nivel del piso” Ahora esto se podría […]

  • 20+ Personas que evitaron los desastres casi milagrosamente

    Alivio. Pocas cosas hay más dulces que el alivio, cuando suspiras profundamente y te das cuenta de que el desastre se ha evitado. Aquí hemos recopilado una lista con esos momentos, algunos más serios que otros. Desde cuando casi se te hunde la cuchara entera en la sopa (horror), a evitar por los pelos la […]

  • Estas son las razones de porque los hombres quieren tanto las nalgas

    Siempre nos hemos preguntado porque los hombres se sienten tan atraídos por los glúteos de las mujeres. Hasta hace poco era un verdadero misterio. Pero ahora te mostramos las ocho razones por las que realmente esto sucede. Recientemente un estudio ha dado una posible explicación de por qué muchos hombres prefieren a mujeres con traseros […]

  • Awkward Moments When People Were Caught Watching Adult Vids

    Nothing is stopping these guys Almost every guy watches adult films… not to mention a lot of women, too! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Pleasuring yourself is completely natural and even encouraged by doctors. But for most people, it’s something reserved for alone time. You jerk off at home, right? Maybe for some of […]

  • 5 Struggles Of Being A Man That Women Will Never Understand

    It’s a pen-is, not a sniper rifle Not checking out your rack is really tough Sometimes the merchandise needs rearanging We cut ourselves shaving and the whole world knows Having nothing in common with your girlfriend’s best friend’s boyfriend

  • 15 Pictures That Can Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

    As human beings, one of the biggest evolutionary traits that came to us is the ability to recognize patterns. Don’t believe us? Look up at the night sky and what do you see? You’ll notice that suddenly those random dots in the sky won’t seem so random. You’ll start seeing patterns, you’ll see the constellations […]

  • This Teacher Is Caught Giving BJ To 5 Students

    Claiming that one bad decision could change the entire course of your life certainly sounds ominous and dramatic, but for this Ohio schoolteacher, it turned out to be true. While she may have thought she was keeping her private life under wraps, the most intimate information found its way to the public eye — and […]

  • Bizarre Sexx Questions Which People Actually Asked On Internet

      Remember when you knew nothing about sex? And as you were just a curious kid rapidly approaching puberty and was so desperate to know all the answers but were too embarrassed to ask. So you went down to write your questions anonymously on internet. There you can ask anything you want and no one […]

  • This Woman Is Fighting Rape By Allowing Strangers To Touch Her Vagina

    Sexuality in art is a very personal thing. It can be expressed — and of course, interpreted — in a variety of ways. But, what happens when a woman puts her sexuality on full display, for the entire world to see and touch? A female artist hailing from Europe has done just that in an […]

  • Ladies Reveal Why They Hate Giving You Head

    No BJs Here Oral isn’t for everyone. Some people are able to jump right into doing the deed and don’t necessarily need the foreplay to supplement. However, some people seriously love it. It’s important for couples to be on the same page when it comes to the bedroom. Intimate compatibility is an essential aspect in […]